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About Us

How do you know you got something right? Well, when the reward feels bigger than the award. SeaScape started in 2016 with one store in Banashankari. We started with a small range of fishes just to ensure that people have access to quality products. 

Our motto of providing fresh, hygienic, and chemical-free fish has been extremely rewarding for us. Expanding into 4 different locations and having customers travel far for our products has been a truly inspiring experience. 


SeaScape serves a wide section of society with many varieties of seafood, frozen, and fresh meat. Today, we are one of the most preferred vendors in the sustainable and fresh seafood and meat industry in Bangalore. From humbling beginnings of serving 500 customers a month, we have now grown leaps and bounds. SeaScape is now billing more than 15-20 lakh worth merchandise per store in a month. 


Your faith in us has made us take a leap of faith. SeaScape is now online with the brand - FISHMONGERS. You can now order fresh fish, prawns, crabs, oysters, tender chicken, and frozen meats from anywhere in Bangalore. 


Wherever you are, we will get you the order. Timely delivery but no compromise in quality. That's our promise!